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           Most industries have so much to do and more backed up orders than you can believe. They have machines that pretty much do everything. Stripping wires one by one with a pair of hand held wire strippers just takes up time that could be used more effectively elsewhere.

          The hard working people of Thermal Dynamics are inconvenienced with having to manually strip a circular tube of wire with plier like wire strippers. They have to strip 10 out of 14 (18 gauge) wires that are wrapped around a rubber air tube, in a timely fashion (30 seconds or less) without knicking or damaging any of the wires. To do this we are going to exempt anything with razor blades on it so we don't have to worry about knicking wires.

        Design a concept machine or tool that makes it possible to heat up the inside area of the 18 gauge wires by using a small diameter, thin, metal plate that can slide over the air tube. While the heated plate is softening up the insulation on the inside, a low spring pressure, flat end, heated blade with grooves will heat up the outside. This will make it so that none of the wires will be damage while spring pressure and heat take off the insulation.

     Other Known Stripping Methods:
      Plier Strippers        - Using low spring pressure and gauged blades in a stretching motion.
      Micro Stripper       - Using battery heat and small blades in a pinching and pulling motion.
      Thermal Strippers  - Using inferred heat and no blades with a manual pulling motion.
      All of these ideas, although effective and creative, have a down fall for our purpose, they are too timely because they only strip one wire at a time.

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