Group "A"

   Project Solution 1

        Our latest design idea for the project has been decided to be a combination of all three of our original designs (see our links on the title page) with a few new twists. This Product will consist of a mounting bracket that will be attached to some table. The working part of the design will be encased in a box of sorts. It will be driven by a crank handle and either some spur or helical gears. The stripping mechanism inside will consist of a cylindrical casing with gears on the inside of it, almost like a planetary gear set-up. It will have a stationary spline shaft in the middle with a cone shaped nose for the wires to line up on and a hollow middle for the air tube to ride in. The planetary gears will be the cutting or stripping gears with blades. There will be two or three of these cutters.
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    MD Concepts 1 2345

   Project Solution 2

    Sketch 1 2
    MD drawings
    Working Drawing

These are some of our first ideas that ended up not working for certain reasions

This one we had no way to keep the wires in the groves


This was to costly and there was no guarantee that it would work.
But yet a great thought


These are final drawing of our finished product.
Above is the plates that will actualy hold the wires and cut them.
Below is the blade set up the strip the wires and how they will do so.


Above and below is the press assembly.

Below is the OSHA meet cage to go around the press to keep anyone from getting hurt.
The door is for easy fix or to adjust the wire placement. There will be a switch on the door so that when open the press is shut down.

Above and below is the full Setup of the press with plates and cage.


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