Group "A"

    Project Proposal

        To design a wire stripping system that will strip multiple wires that are arranged around a hollow air tube in a circular formation. This stripper should be fast and flawless as far as stripping the wires goes. There can no damage done to the wires for they are meant to carry high amounts of current and any resistance due to damaged wires would lower the current rating.

   Project Breakdown

        Dan Tabor, Eric Beane, and David Clagg are in the midst of coming up on a brilliant idea to design this piece of machinery that will not only save time and money, because time is money, but it will also make life a lot easier for the hard working individuals of Thermal Dynamics.
        Thermal Dynamics has a new and improved wiring harness set-up that can carry more current and doesn't tangle as much, due to the increased number of wires inside the harness, the hold up is that they are being hand stripped. They are eager to get this product moving in bulk, but are in a serious rut because the companies that place orders for these plasma cutters have to deal with the fact that they can only put out so many at a time, plus the fact that they are already backed up in orders.

   Project Guidelines

         This project, although it is not going to be mass produced, has to follow certain guidelines. Most of the guidelines are typical and can speak for themselves, such as cost to build, production time and possibility, and most of all cycle time. THis design needs to be able to produce an accurately stripped wiring harness in 15 to 30 seconds. Thirty seconds is the absolute minimum allowable time, mostly being due to operator error. The average time should be apx. 20 seconds.
        This machine design should also be able to strip at different lengths, meaning that it has to be adjustable to remove different lengths of the insulation. Along with the stripping guidelines, this wiring harness is going to be sent through a production line and different things will be done to it so we do not want the exposed wire getting damaged when it leaves our station, so for a safety precaution the stripped insulation should just barely be separated from the the rest, this way when the wires are to be inserted into their rightful place all the operator has to do is pull off the little ends.
        The length of this wiring harness is going to be roughly twenty-five feet long so it will be important in the design to require any mechanical movement other than having to move the harness around or twist it up.



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