Welcome to Vermont Technical College Machine Shop Club's Web page.  Our club allows students to come in to the machine shop and work on school related project or other project that they want to work on.  The club meets every Monday night from 5-9 in the machine shop.  Everyone is welcome.


The many project that we are working on is the Mini Baja.  The Mini Baja is a competition to see who can engineer a Mini Baja that meets all the rules and requirements.  We are planning on competing in the annual Mini Baja competition.  The competition is in May and it takes place in Montreal, Quebec.  We work on our car every Monday and Wednesday night from 5-9pm  If you want to see what we are doing or want to give us a hand just stop by. 


Pictures of our work to date:

This is a picture of the frame with some of the part attached to it.

Here is a picture of the frame with just about all the tubing added to it and has the front suspension brackets welded to it.

This is what you can do with a mill.  After we turn the head we realized that all we had to do was put the tube in at the angle we need to radius it.

Here are the front suspension part all cleaned up and painted.  We took the all these parts from a 4 wheeler.  We though it was the easiest way to get a front end.  And it worked just liked planned.

This is what are front end looks like.

Update: 2-11-04

    We Finished the front end and are not working on the rear suspension and drive train.