More information may be found on black board under VTC First Responders, such as
upcoming important dates, and possibly more sensitive information that can not be
posted here.

Executive Committee

Tom Perry Chief 802-728-1131
Ashley McEwan Assistant Chief 802-728-1412
Erik Johnson Captain 728-1487
Ben Moffatt Lieutenant 802-728-1563

2005 Members

# Name Phone AIM Email
601 Erik Johnson 802-728-1487 ejeaglesct
605 Tom Perry 802-728-1131 tommyperry84
611 Dominic Delia 802-728-1292
612 Emile Fredette Jr. 802-728-1292
  Austin Bagley 802-728-1162 dthbymnky
  Ben Moffatt 802-728-1101 burtanrdr152
  Ashley McEwan 802-728-1412 dairygirl137

2004-2005 Crew

(Back Left to Right) Jon Adams, Andrew Paradee, Erik Johnson, Ryan McCarthy, Jeremy Brown,
Matt Dejackome, Serenity Unwin, (Front Left to Right) Julie Heath, Sandy Katz, Willy-Jane Patry