We Need YOU!!

Vermont Tech First Response is now recruiting new members to the squad.  NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, EMT and First Responder courses beginning soon, and you can take the training with you when you graduate!

Courses Availabe Now

Barnard/Bethel First Responder Course

Location: Bethel Fire Station
When?: Every Wednesday evening, some Thursday evenings. Beginning Wednesday January 24th, ending sometime in March. Times TBD.
How Much?: TBD

Northfield First Responder Course

Location: Norwich University
When?: Every Saturday 0800 - 1200, every thursday 1900 to 2000. Beginning Saturday, January 20th, ending March 17th tentatively.
How Much?: $100 including everything

EMT-Basic Course

Location: White River Valley Ambulance
When?: TBD
How Much?: TBD


Executive Committee

Tom Perry Chief 603-834-2000 vtcfrchief@vtc.edu
Ashley McEwan Assistant Chief 802-291-1886 vtcfrachief@vtc.edu
Erik Johnson Captain 802-728-1148 vtcfrcaptain@vtc.edu
Ben Moffatt Lieutenant 802-522-5667 vtcfrlt@vtc.edu



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