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[IMG]1 Arial view.jpg24-Feb-2004 09:25 775K
[IMG]2 front view of dome church.JPG13-Feb-2004 17:10 1.3M
[IMG]3 Detail of dome.JPG29-Feb-2004 18:09 349K
[IMG]4 Dome from courtyard.JPG14-Feb-2004 21:18 575K
[IMG]5 Old Mote.jpg29-Feb-2004 18:09 282K
[IMG]6 Hospital wing.jpg24-Feb-2004 09:23 696K
[IMG]7 Interrior of dome.jpg24-Feb-2004 09:23 511K
[IMG]8 Baldachino.jpg29-Feb-2004 17:58 254K
[IMG]9(1) Napoleons tomb.JPG14-Feb-2004 20:31 705K
[IMG]9 Napoleon and baldachino.JPG29-Feb-2004 18:09 533K