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The "MooRocco" is a electric vehicle conversion project at Vermont Technical College. The vehicle gets some of its energy from alternative energy sources, such as solar power. The Solar Car Club at VTC currently has several goals:

  • Successfully construct/convert an electric vehicle to a hybrid which uses an alternative fuel that is easily and cheaply made or obtained, and is more efficient and safer for the environment than conventionally-fueled vehicles.

  • Convert an existing vehicle to electrical power, allowing it to be charged by electricity produced by alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro power. This project should serve to educate about the realities of electric vehicles, regarding their construction and the practicality of their operation.

  • Improve the vehicle so that it may be used by the average driver with minimal training. Prepare the vehicle for display at area High Schools, allowing the public to view it and learn about alternative energy vehicles. Make the car meet the entry requirements for the Northeast Sunstainable Energy Association's "Tour De Sol".

Last Modified: Saturday, Dec 8, 2001 by Donald Winans