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Here's some other things to check out about the VTC Solar Car Club!

The Moo TeamSee video of the conversion

  • Get it here! The 1999 Commemorative MooRocco WinAmp Skin

    Solid Car Modeling Solid Car Model (courtesy of Jared Harvey)

  • An example of real Graphical PIP data sent back from our apparatus

  • Some facts and trivia about the car:

    Statistics- 2000

    • Voltage (Propulsion) 120 Volts
    • Capacity (Propulsion) 21000 WattHours
    • Motor Advance D.C. 203-06-4001, 8"
    • Motor Horsepower 19Hp (continuous) 60Hp (peak)
    • Controller Kodiak-C800
    • Max Controller Current 800 Amps
    • Batteries (Propulsion) 20 Trojan T145 6V, 225AmpHours
    • Weight 3780 lbs (3000 when it was gas)
    • Record range (electric) 85.2 miles, Chesapeake City, MD- 05/16/2000


    Apparently, the car donated for the project had an illustrious previous life. Facts about this car are continuously being unearthed by the Solar Car Club. Here are some of them:

    • Record speed achieved (gas) 135 MPH (on special test track of course!!)
    • Record number of occupants (gas) 13 (On way to drive-in theater, $5.00/carload.)
    • Maximum submersion (gas) 24 in. (drove through deep puddle, almost made it)
    • Miles on car (gas) 220,000, including 2 engines and 3 transmissions
    • Trips up Mount Mansfield (gas) Over 200, when owner worked for TV station
    The VTC MooRocco Team would like to specially thank these sponsors

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