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Donations have been, and continue to be, an important contribution to the MooRocco effort. If you would like to make a donation to the club, please contact:

Jeff Laughlin
Vermont Technical College Solar Car Club (1999-2000)

We accept many forms of contributions, from monetary to in-kind services and materials. Here are some people we would like to thank for contributions in the past:

John's Car Corner John's Car Corner - Westminster, VT

VW and Audi Parts, Sales & Service, (802)722-3180 These people really helped us by giving us Scirocco parts at no charge. We desperately needed rear springs/strut tower assemblies to improve the load handling. This and some of the other parts we got were critically needed. They really are a special group of people! If you get the chance stop by their place. It's like a shrine for VW memorabilia.

Good Year Tire Goodyear Tire-

Goodyear helped us a lot by donating a set of low-rolling resistance tires during the 1999 tour. It was just in time for the performance runs... Thanks, Goodyear!

Morse's Garage Morse's Garage-

Andy and Elliott Morse have donated a set of 70 pound gas shocks to our club, which are beeing used in our state of the art solar panel array. We appreciate the gift!

Earthcars Earth Cars Inc.-

Earth Cars Inc. Foregn Car Sales and Service was founded in 1994 by Mark and Andrew Bonfigli. Earthcars educates the public on the realities of the automobile industry and helps create a peaceful harmony between the customer and the dealership. Earth Cars has helped our cause by donating a cash sum to our club. Thanks guys! Your gift will help us buy the parts and equipment we need so badly to keep the Moorocco in the race!

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Green Mountain Chapter)-
The Green Mountain Chapter of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is a group of local manufacturing professionals that meet monthly for tours of companies in the area, and for technical presentations. Serving Vermont and Northeast New York, the Green Mountain Chapter supports the local manufacturing community, and provides scholarships to students involved in manufacturing. SME, Headquartered in Dearborne, MI, is the worlds largest professional society serving the manufacturing industries. Founded in 1932, SME has some 60,000 members in 70 countries, and supports a network of hundreds of chapters worldwide. For more information, contact Jeff Maling, Membership Chair, at or 802-769-9760.

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