"Please, don't drool on the radio!"

Welcome to the Vermont Technical College Amateur Radio Club's home page. Our club's call sign is W1VTC, formerly WA1LYR, and our shack is located under the bleachers in the Judd Gymnasium at VTC. Our club advisor and trustee is Don Nevin, KK1U.

News Flash! We tuned up the repeater, and it seems to be doing much better. The last couple days, though, its been kerchunking itself every few seconds. We're right on top of it, and hope to have the problem resolved forthright.

Some of the activities the VTC Ham club participates in:

The mission of the W1VTC Amateur Radio club is to provide it's members with a good experience and knowledge gain in Amateur Radio through trading of knowledge and techniques, activities, and licensing new members.

The club operates a 2 meter repeater on campus. The frequency is 147.090 MHZ with a positive offset. Key it up and give us a shout! We offer free access to autopatch for local calls on the repeater. E-mail hams-l@.vtc.vsc.edu to find out how to access the autopatch. It had been off the air for quite some time, but it seems to be quite healthy again! It has coverage to Bethel in the south east, and Montpelier to the north. It's rumored to have been keyed from Essex Junction.

In the club shack we have an Icom IC-746 for use on the HF, 6m, and 2m bands. Using this one radio we can talk to people around the world, around the state, or just around town. We also have an old TenTec rig, which needs some work, and we have a packet station in the works. There is a tower located on the side of the Judd Gymnasium supporting a Cushcraft A3S triband HF yagi antenna and a 19 element 2m/70cm dual-band yagi antenna.

If you have any questions about ham radio we just might have the answers.
Do you need to look up a callsign? We have everything you need!
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Club members and officers.

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Our other rig is a TenTec with real tubes! We also have Gel-Cells. We should be Y2K Complient ;)
Last updated March 24, 1999
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