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We would like to challenge you very simply this week. If you are going to live for Jesus, live all out for Jesus. There is no middle ground, and there is no fence to sit on. You are in or you are out. There are no excuses and no compromise.

We need help writing the articles we will be distributing around the campus. If you have the time, and if you feel lead to write an article please feel free to submit it to . We will gladly read it and, if we feel it is biblically sound, put it in the flier and post it in the articles section with your name on it. By submitting your article you are agreeing that we can distribute it as we feel needful provided credit for writing it goes to you.

A huge thank you goes out to Glenn Kaiser for writing us an testimony article to use on campus. Be praying that the Lord uses it mightily to reach people for him. Glenn is a husband, Pastor and musician. You may recognize his name from several of the albums he has done under his name, or as the lead singer of Resurrection Band. If you would like to know more about who Glenn Kaiser is visit his website at

We have also had a HUGE amount of request for Bibles lately. Recently, we had to scale back on our distribution to only on campus and the immediate area. So please be praying for us in this endevear.

Life is almost always hectic for all of us students here at Vermont Technical College, so this website get updated as much as we'd like. We hope to remedy that and keep this site updated regularly. In the meantime please continue to pray for us as we reach out to students on the campus with the good news of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your prayers.



The Spring retreat will be April 3-5.
More details will be posted later.



Prayer for those we come in contact with that the gospel would reach them.

Students in their studies and homework.

Wisdom for the leaders of the Christian Fellowship.

Matt and his Son Anthony.

Jason and John's brother James, that he will resolve the conflicts he has.

Growth in the group.

The VTC Campus, that the Lord would use the group to His glory
and that people would come to know Christ as their savior and friend.

Our friend Dean was involved in a bad accident and is still recovering.



Samuel Alexander Bascom was finally born!

God is working on this campus

The conference in Boston went well.