Observing Session 9/12/99
Vermont Technical College Apple Orchard

Tonight a few minutes before 10:00 p.m. Fred Woodworth, Kevin Dole, Sam Colwell, Jim Knapp, and "Disco" Vince went out to the VTC orchard to observe the aurora borealis. There was a lot of green towards the north horizon reaching 50 to 60 degrees off the horizon. There was a little bit of green haze on the southern horizon. There was a big long bar of light starting about due west and reaching accross the sky fading out between Jupiter and Saturn. At times the bar feathered out into a "tiger stripe" pattern. At one point it was moving fast enough relative to the stars for us to see the motion. Fred took a few long exposures on 200 speed film between one and six minutes. The last of us came inside around 10:45. Thanks to Freds' Dad for calling him and letting him know so we could all run outside like madmen.

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