Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Fred Wrote:

I went out tonight around 12:30, and again at 2:30 into the orchard with my camera. I saw some Aquarid meteors. Most of them were about thirty degrees above the horizon (rough guess) between NW and East in the sky. I saw a couple that had huge trains on them that looked about twenty degrees long. Without even trying I saw about 15 meteors total. Shane Dupree said when he was paying attention to the sky he saw ten of them in about 15 minutes. The sky was VERY clear early this morning. The milky way looked spectacular! I tried to take some pictures of Mars next to spica, casseopiea, the cluster in coma berenices, and a region in the milky way I believe Deneb was in. I'm not sure about that one. I have no idea if any of them will come out or not. Some exposures were on 400 film I got from Sam today.

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