February 19, 1999
East Montpelier Vermont

Around 9:00

I looked at UMa z (Ursa Major Zeta). Ursa Major is "The Great Bear". One of the stars in it is Mizar. Mizar is a double star consisting of Mizar A and B. They are VERY close together. Mizar means "groin" of the bear. Another star in UMa z is Alcor. Mizar has a magnitude of 2.3 and is 59 light years away from Earth. Alcor is a fourth magnitude star and is 82 ly away. There are actually seven stars that make up the bright second object in the dipper handle. Mizar A and B are actually doubles themselves, as is Alcor. There is one other star in UMa z that I do not know the name of. It is a faint star.

I also looked at M31 "the galaxy in Andromeda." There was a lot of light around so my eyes were not adjusted well. It was a very dim fuzzy spot. Its neighboring deep sky objects were hard to see. It was in the northwest sky, or thereabout.

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