October 2, 1998
Randolph Center, Vermont
VTC Orchard

We started a few minutes after 8:00 p.m.

Several were attending. Since the sky was clear the only order of business was to observe. Peter brought his 75mm Unitron refractor and we adjourned to the orchard to see what we could.

We started out observing Jupiter and Saturn. All four of Jupiter's moons were on one side of the planet making for a rather interesting view. In addition, there was a bright star nearby (on the other side of the planet). The equatorial belts were visable as were a couple of the temperate belts. The red spot did not appear to be out. Saturn gave a nice view. Titan was visible. We observed the planets both at 48x and 96x.

We then looked at several deep sky objects

We also looked at a couple of doubles.

All in all, we were outside for about one hour. It was a nice night!

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