Women in Technology Project
Telementoring Project

Information for Parents, Teachers and Principals

Thank you for supporting your daughter/student as she participates in the Women In Technology Telementoring Project. We hope that she and her mentor will gain more knowledge, understanding, and compassion from this experience. We encourage you to keep your daughter/student actively involved throughout the year as her relationship with her mentor grows and develops.

Because everyone is concerned about the safety of the young girls in the program, it is important for us to tell you how the mentors were selected. The mentors that were asked to participate in the program were either:

After expressing interest, each mentor was screened and trained before having any contact with your daughter/student. It is very important to us that the pool of mentors are trustworthy, caring, professional adults who will have a positive impact on your daughter/student.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your daughter's/student's mentor or their relationship, please feel free to email or call the project staff:

Amy Ferris, Project Coordinator

Cary Brown, Director, Women in Technology Project
Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Please feel free to look over this web page for more information about the Project. Having informed parents, teachers, and principals will certainly be an asset to all of the participants.

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