The Women in Technology (WIT) Project, at Vermont Technical College, is committed to encouraging young women in middle school and high school to study math, science and technology and to explore opportunities for careers in these fields. Through our Summer Technology Camps, Speakers Bureau, and many other programs, we help girls, parents and teachers dispel stereotypes and overcome barriers to girls' educational and career success. 
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  • We are conducting an online survey of all past campers and we need to hear from you!
    Please take the survey and let us know how attending WIT camp affected you. It's confidential, it only takes a few minutes, and it's a great way to help us improve our program and make sure that it reaches even more girls.

    To take the survey, you need an access key, which was printed on the address label of the postcard we sent you in the first week of February. If you did not receive a postcard, or for any reason do not have your access key, contact WIT and we will help you.

    To take the survey, go to this site: and enter your access key.

Women in Technology Project
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