Rural Vermont


Some people come to Vermont for bussiness which is mostly done 
in the few cities...Burlington is about the only true city, or large 
towns, Montpelier, Rutland  and a few others.

But, if your looking for relaxation and peace from the hustle and 
bustle of what some like to call "the real world," come visit rural 

Vermont has many rural sections which of course have many farms.
These range from cattle to lammas (the prior being much less populus).
The best chance though is that as your driving along you are probobly 
just going to see cattle and maybe a few sheep.  The most common
cattle are Holstiens, Jerseys, and Belted Galiways.  Holstien are your 
traditional black and white dalmation cow.  Jerseys are tanish in color 
and slightly smaller than Holstiens.  Belted Galiways have a striking 
resembelance to an Oreo cookie.  Black on the ends and white in the

Sheep are also quite common on rural Vermont farms.  Sheep will often 
be found outside in the summer just trying to stay cool.  The best time
to view these creatures is in the spring around Easter when they are 

Not only are the farms interesting to see.  The people who run them 
are twice as interesting.  Rural Vermonters have a personality that is 
all their own. A farmer is a farmer and that's who they will be forever.  
They have their own sense of humor and they all love what they're 
doing whether they admit it or not.  

So if you have a chance to visit Vermont make sure that you don't just
do your business, have a little peace and quiet in rural Vermont.  Look 
up a few of the personalitys that are around here.  

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Created By Kasey Kathan

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