At Vermont Technical College

At Vermont Technical College

Summer Camp 1997

July 8th- 12th

Welcome to the Women In Technology summer camp page! This is first hand advice from those who have attended, it's great! Summer camp is a place to go and have some fun, it's a place to learn lessons that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. Unlike most camps WIT is a place to go knowing that you will be safe to show your creative side in the areas of math and science. It is for girls aging anywhere between 13-18 and who have show an interest in math and science. As you may know there are very few women actually involved in that field and the instructors and counsilors here are trying to give these girls the confidence they need to do the things they want and teach them not to be afraid of entering a "mans' world."

In the 1997 WIT camp, the campers were taught how to create a web page and learn all of the skills that are required for the completion of a group web page. This let the campers work together and create a web site wich would soon be put onto the Internet.

The other class which campers attended included studying blood (Hematology) and bacteria (Microboiolgy). Some Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare were discussed and demonstrated by watching an episode of ER. On the last day, the campers all became Microbiologists and observed bacteria which had been collected from around the area and incubated. The results were quite shocking!

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