Survival Guide for Vermont

1. As many bottles of bug spay and fly swatters as you can find 1. Five or more parkas
2. Blankets. (lots of blankets!) 2. Lots of hats, mittens, scarves, and anything else you can find.
3. Angela says to eat: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. (my advice: if you get too cold while eating it, don't forget to put on you parka!) 3.When you go shopping, buy 6 months worth of groceries, in case you get snowed in!
4. If you are daring enough to go swimming, bring some warm snowpants to change into! 4. Shovels and snowplows, and the neighbors to dig you out of your home!
5. Wear shoes at all times, especially around cow fields! 5. Bring some skis (for an invigorating and freezing experience) in case you areable to dig yourself out of your house.
Created By Courtney Howard