Teens In Health Care

Many teens are interested in pursuing careers in health care. As a teen already involved I wanted to offer some guidance to those who don't know how to take the next step. The information included in this page was collected by teenagers.This was a project to share our interests with the public.

Emergency Medical Services include a wide variety of people with a wide range of skills and certification. In an emergency EMS personnel will come to your aid, offering care to you before you arrive at a hospital, or other medical facility.There are many ways for teens to become involved in their local EMS systems. Programs are already out there for this purpose and Others are also being developed. Orientation programs are in place at most EMS facilities. Volunteer organizations are a great way to check it out, if you think you might be interested.

The certifications you can recieve are very interesting. Basic first aid is a good start. CPR in the health care provider form will most likely be a requirement. Emergency Medical Technicians come next.There are many different levels that can be achieved. Depending on a lot of different factors you may be able to become a paramedic.This requires some additional schooling.

The Exploring Program, offered through the Boy Scouts of America is a good way to get involved. Explorer posts are developed to introduce youth between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one to specific career fields.The posts are run by the youth who are supervised by adult leaders. It is a coed program.Through this program you can get hands on training to help you in EMS. Many different Explorer Posts have web pages on the net. They are all very good and I recommend you check them out. It's amazing what youth can do.

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