Sam pulling a 360 frontside spin .

Snowboarding, one board, both feet, sliding sideways down the slope allowing you to manipulate many moves. Frequently misunderstood, and underestimated the sport has become popular in recent years.

There are many different ways to ride, using soft boots, ski boots, high bindings, freestyle, it can be as technical as skiing. There are basically three styles, carving-where the rider wears ski boots (hard boots) with his feet at a sharp angle forwad to help him lean into a turn. He does these turns totally on edge leaning close to the ground for either turn direction.

Another, called freestyle, where the rider is wearing soft boots and bindings and has his feet almost parrallel to the wigth of the board goes over the big jumps in the park and rides the pipe pulling of many different grabs, spins, flips and combonations. Usually they do not like to carve as carvers don't enjoy jumps.

The third, known as freeriding, is like a combonation of carving and freestyle. They do not croud to the park yet don't stay glued to the ground. Usually freeriders wer soft boots but may have a harder, more supportive binding. They like to take jumps, or "hits" on the side as they carve gracfully down the slope.

the Old Nose Dive looking at the Quad. Stowe ,VT.

Snowboarding clothing is quite different than ski clothing and shouldn't be inerchanged, warmth and quality are the biggest priority. Some gogles have a bit different shape, less bulky and square, they use the dame lens. Hats are simple, they don't hang and are called beany's. The jackes are a little bigger and hang a little lower rather than at the waist and popular usually aren't that busy with many many designs. The pants, matching or not, are very durable and comfortabe because if you're going to do a flip tight clothes won't let you flex. Gloves, fingered or not usualy have a sheath which it pulled and tightened over the sleeve of the jacket may have leather or another tough material for all of the terrain.

As they gather and ride in groups of two to goroups as big as twenty, skiiers don't understand that a snowboarder has just as much control on his board than the skiier does on his skiis.

All types of snowboarders enjoy all of the aspects on the mountain, the trails, woods, gullies, hikes, lifts, food, the usual. so, don't try to look, don't stare in wonder-well you can do that if you want to-because we'll be there already getting up earlier than you. the backcountry.