Ice Skating

Ice skating is an excellent sport. There are many female ice skaters who have acheived great honors and have impacted the world in great ways. My favorite professional female ice skater is Kristi Yamaguchi. She always has a smile on her face and does the best of her ability. I watched her in the Olympics from my T.V. and she did a terrific job. I also saw her live once in Lake Placid, NY. She was made a really great foundation called Kristi's Always Dream Foundation. This foundation supports local organizations that make positive differences in children's lives today.

Another female ice skater who I think is an excellent skater is Katarina Witt. I watched her in the Olympics and she skated perfectly. She received a gold medal in 1984 and in 1988. She has a lot of tallent.

There are tons of moves in figure skating , but here are my favorite.


1) Front spin and back spin

Most right hand people spin counterclockwise doing a forward spin on their left foot and a backwards spin on their right. Always pull/ push your arms in the direction that you plan to move in and that will help you spin and increase speed.

2) Scratch spin

This is a very fast spin that is done in an upright postition. This is mostly done on the forward part of your blade; toe pick scratches the ice slightly.

3) Camel spin

You sit ( go down bend at knees, not on ice) and hold yourself up on one leg . The other leg, usually your right, is extended horizontally.

Although I have never landed an advanced jump I have watched many and read about them and heard that the take off usually distinguishes the jumps. Most right hand people, sorry I'm right handed, jump counterclockwise and land on their right foot. I consider the toe loop complicated to discribe and sense I personally have never landed one, I have tried and tried and someday I will, I personally think that it is hard. Kristi and Katarina are experts at this jump, in double and triple versions, and it looks like they are almost floating and spinning.

I love ice skating . The outfits are gorgeous and the music makes the skater, their moves ,and audiance come alive with excitment . This page was desinged by Elizabeth Kent