Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy becomes part of peoples lives everyday. Everyone hurts themselves sometime in their lifetime and there are those times that that person may need professional care. In most cases physical therapy is used for rehabilitation from either surgery or from specific injury. This may include either an intense and sometimes painful program, or a strength based program, and a lot of the time the two are combined. Each person that enters into a program is different and the person who is handling their program must consider their strengths and weaknesses. With each injury differing, the programs are individualized and they may include exercises for increasing the persons strength, endurance, coordination, and range of motion. Other than training, the use of heat, cold, electricity, ultrasound, and water may be used to stimulate motor activity and lessen the extensiveness of the injury.

There are many different possible fields in physical therapy. There is clinical practice, management, education, consultation, and research, and no matter what the field of practice is, there is always some type of hands on experience.

Now I didn't write this page just to inform you about the facts of physical therapy, I wanted to tell you how I became interested in it and how I got a hands on look at the profession. I became a common case of basket ball injury at the beginning of the season. As I began to play more my knee began to swell up and become very painful, but my trainer told me that it was fine and to just tape it up. So I lived with my injury through the season and finally went to a doctor to have my knee examined. The x-rays showed that I had a patella tracking problem with a type of femoral syndrome which was causing my discomfort. Even though this was a small and seemingly unimportant injury, I was referred to a physical therapist to condition my knee so that I would not injure it permanantly in the future. So I spent four months in a physical therapy office working on my knee and observing the people around me. This is when I really became interested in the profession. I noticed that there is a lot of interaction between the patient and their therapist and sort of a bond is formed. I also realized how much I would enjoy the work.

My interest in physical therapy has brought me to look at the schooling options and requirements of colleges. Most colleges that specialize in the physical therapy program favor students who excel greatly in science and math. When looking at physical therapy, I realized this and in hopes of a career in this area in the future, I have pushed myself to succeed in these areas.

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