Girls from WIT Program At VTC Take Part In Telementoring And So Can You!

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Online communications between a mentor and mentee where the mentor is an adult in a field of interest to the mentee and advises the mentee on how to prepare for such a field.

Here at the Women in Technology Project in Vermont, we are interested in setting up a telementoring program between women in technological fields and high school-aged girls. We currently have summer technology camps for junior high and high school girls, and are excited by the possibilities of telementoring furthur instituting the Camps goal of advancing Women in science. We were hoping to set up a "pilot" program where we can connect interested girls from the high school camp of 1997 with mentors, which means that mentors and interested girls will always be needed and welcome.

Any high school-aged girl from Vermont with interest in science, math, and/or technology and has access to the internet is a good candidate for the telementoring program - you don't have to have any plans for the future because the whole point of a telementoring is to help point you in the right direction.

If you are interested in being involved in our telementoring program, you can E-mail Cary Brown, write to the WIT program, or telephone Cary Brown or Amy Emler-Shaffer.

This page was composed by the following Women In Technology campers on July 11, 1997:
Jess Benoit
Thomasena Coates
Jesse Derick