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High School girls from all around Vermont who attended Women in Technology Summer Tech Camp for 1997 were responsible for creating the WIT Campfire Site. Teams of campers worked together to conceptualize, design, and build the following sites in this directory. We hope that you find the information both useful and enjoyable. Sit back by the campfire and enjoy!


Using Telecommunications to Develop Mentoring Relationships Between Professional Women with Careers in Science and Mathematics and WIT Campers

Teens In Health Care

This web site contains teens' views and experiences in health care fields. These include; emergency medical services, aroma therapy, massage therapy, and meditation therapy.

WIT Summer Camp 1997

This informational WIT Camp page describes what campers have learned and created in workshops and what campers and counselors have to say about the camp. A survey was sent to these women and their opinions are in our site. Come check it out--there are photographs, fun, and more!

Wild Vermont

This site reveals the truth about Vermont from born and bred Vermonters. Explore topics from tourist survival to folklore to rural life. Join us and behold all the greenery and charm of the Green Mountain state.


What's in Vermont..... in every strange way. From Ben & Jerry's to the mountains of Killington and Pico, this state has more than meets the eye.

Women In Sports

We have information on fascinating sports such as water skiing, softball, cross country running, basketball, snowboarding, and ice skating. If you would like to learn more about women making news in the sports world, please click here.

List of 1997 WIT High School Campers

Wendy Ackerman, Jessica Benoit, Julie Bergeron, Rachel Bing, Julia Boehm, Kaysie Breer, Thomasena Coates, Shannon Owens, Jesse Derick, Julie Drew, Courtney Howard, Kasey Kathan, Elizabeth Kent, Lyndsey Lamell, Rebecca Lattrell, Heather Martin, Elizabeth May, Jessica Noyes, Jill Perrotte, Celeste Pion, Julie Preston, Angela Watson, Mellissa Mc Cullough
The HTML Homepage Developer instructor: Jo-Ann Castano of Cybro.Com @ArtsGloucester - Cape Ann, would like to thank the www great camp counselors, Maxine Guay and Martha Yaggy for their assistance in the cyberworld workshop. Thanks for all your help!
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These pages were created by the Women In Technology campers of 1997. This site was launched into cyberspace from Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT, USA, on July 12, 1997. All rights reserved.