Cross -Country Running

I run cross country at my school in Essex. I love to run and hope to always keep running during my life. Next year I will be a junior on the girls team. Our team is really cool. We have about sixty girls who all enjoy training as a team. My favorite running shoes are Saucony. I've had great success with these amazing shoes. The Grid is Saucony's primary source of technology and is also my personal favorite. The Grid system adds rearfoot stability. For a long time , the Saucony grid Jazz has been the foundation of the Saucony line. I have the Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane. This shoe consists of a rather wide toe box, with a narrow heel. However , this shoe is also known for being a very stable shoe. 3D refers to the fact that the Grid is not visible with strings that protrude through the outside on both sides of the rearfoot.

By Elizabeth May