Making History With Women's National Basketball

I love the game of basketball. I find it so much fun. I love the intensity about it, the aggression, and all around strategy. These days the game of basketball is changing in a big way. The Women's National Basketball Association is up and rising. A great moment in history for young women.

As long as I can remember I idolized Michael Jordan. And if I was to idolize a player it was usually a man. Don't get me wrong men's sports are great to watch, especially if you have a favorite player. But these days I really enjoy women's basketball over men's. Until a few years ago, I would idolize men players, but when these great women started to get their names published in the papers more then ever my interest started to change. I think that this is a great new development in our society today, especially when we're all striving for equality. I think it really gives young girls a greater goal. The dreams used to stretch to college basketball, and then maybe the olympics, and now it is the WNBA.

The eight new teams in the WNBA are the New York Liberties, Charlotte Sting,LA Sparks, Cleveland Rockers, Pheonix Mercury, Houston Comets, Sacramento Monarchs, and the Utah Starzz. My personal favorite is the New York Liberty. My favorite player is Rebecca Lobo. I really like Lisa Leslie too. I really wish that she would be able to dunk, but the rules that were taken from the NBA and the NCAA and dunking is just not allowed. Personally I think that some of these rules will change as the program keeps progressing. But hey I'm not complaining.


This page was created by: Melissa McCullough 7/11/97