BSELM Projects and Team Members



“SkiBot”, a skiing Robot (for the ELM department, to be used t promote an upcoming competition)

Ryan Roberts, Corey Johnson, Ian Sylvester

“SledBot”, a robotic sled (for the ELM department, to be used t promote an upcoming competition)

Solomon Cohen , Paul Ashline, Cody Lepan

Flute Automation Project (Sponsored by Landell Flutes, Richmond, Vermont, a project to retrofit a traditional flute to include electronic actuators)

William Bishop

Cable Maker, Ferrule Placer, and Quality Tester (3 projects sponsored by Solaflect Energy of WRJ, Vermont. These projects involve automating portions of the company's manufacturing process).

T.J. Manton, Josh Ferris, M. Ethan Guillemette

Ryan Hobson, Alison VanArsdel, Alex Sowa

Conolutions Automation Project (Sponsored by MetalFlex of Newport, Vermont, this project involves automating one of the machines used in their manufacturing process.)

Brian Flynn, Matthew Campbell, McRae Barlow


Bridge Tester (for the Civil Engineering Technology Department, to be used in bridge building competitions.)

Ben Holleran, Carter Mealey

The Flexter (An industry-sponsored project to design and build a cable tester.)

Bryan Cole, Owen Mayhew, Kevin Orth

Automatic Concrete Bridge Tester (An industry inspired project to design and build a device to detect faults in concrete bridge decks.)

Connor Murphy

Pool Skimmer (An industry sponsored project to design and build an automatic pool skimmer.)

Taylor George, Brendan Messier

TEG Tester (An industry sponsored project to design and build a thermoelectric generator (Peltier Junction) testing machine.)

Dan Beem, Dylan Hamel, Dan Poitrast


Grommet Inserting Tool

Thomas Bissell

Pneumatic Wheelchair

Aaron Breault, Bryant Langley, Keith Willis

Ice Refinishing Machine (mini-Zamboni)

Joseph Duprey, Nathan James, Brian Smith

Advanced Fire Fighting Robot

Ryan Ferranti, Edward Freund, Jeffrey Pynduss

Peltier Device Based Solar Tracking System

Kyle Fifield, Micheal Forrest, Evan White

CMS-2 (Continuation of the combustion monitoring system for the pellet boiler at VTC's Red Schoolhouse)

Silas Harris, Tsjellum Van der Stok

Peltier Device Based Heat Pump

Emily K. Perley


Hot Water Project (an in-house project to optimize use of sustainable hot water sources at the VTC farm)

Alex Berteau, Lannie Collins

CMS (Combustion monitoring system for the pellet boiler at VTC's Red Schoolhouse)

Brionne Bean, Troy Burch, Mindy Ellis

Team i: Burning Equalizer (one of 2 fire fighting robot projects)

Josh Lothian, Adam Stanton

The Fire Fighting Robot

Sam Birchmore, Patrick Sherwood

Pneumatic Motor (a 3 piston table top demonstration)

David Livingston, Sam Morrison, Zack W-Paulson

Round Counter

Steve Varrato

Sleep Apnea Exercise Device

Matthew Garaffa

Automated Calf Feeder

Adam Lynch

Digital Tachomter

Tyler Ladd, Brennan Jewett

Eyeware Coating System

Erik J Randall

Kory Delosa Project

Kory Delosa

Vertical Axis Wind Generator

Chris Bourassa, Dylan Gifford


Baker's DJ (a baker's decorating machine)

Troy Mills

Barn Scraper

Justin Heyer, Ted Keppner

Ground Control Station, 2011

Jordan Hodge, Jordan Lyford, Wilson Schreiber

NAVATA- Threat Verification System (a project for Applied Research Associates)

Jacques Dupuis, Henry Mossell, Tim Quinn

Puzzled (a jigsaw puzzle piece counting system)

Erik Artus, Eric Babski, Ben Gagne

UV Oil Detection System (a project for Applied Research Associates)

Desire Cerretani, Curtis Christiansen

Motorized Linear Table

Jean-Carlo Mclure, James Hunton

DynaPower Project

Michael Allen

Hot Air Transfer System

Trevor Thompson, Shean Robertshaw


Light Tracker

Alex Bornemann

Ground Control

Aaron Minard, Andrew Bourgeois

Guitar Neck CNC

Eric Hall

Lunar Lander, Landing Gear

David Cobler, Pat Thurston

Methane Digester

Joseph Clough

Lunar Lander, MicroForce Measurement

Erik Mueller, Mike White

Self Propelled Stroller

Craig Lalumiere


Jeffrey Hogenboom, Chris Burgess


Tom Coulliard, Nick West

Solar Tracker Trainer

Mike Ambrisco, Devin Noyes



Dairy Bot

John Audlin, Marcus Ortuno

Ground Control Station

Kyle Baitz, Jason Dawson, Tyler Holden

Mars Dust Project

Tyrel Ellis, Matthew Merritt, Jonathon Pierson

Nodding LIDAR

John Barton, Roscoe Kane

Resistor Sorter

Nicholas Bigelow, Jason Pemberton, Jordan Sabens

Roll Bender

Eric Bornemann

Slab Mill

Rollin Bicskei, Travis Haley

VTC MicroMouse

Ryan Bidlack, Jason Wells

VTC Vertical Wind Tower

N. Pollizzi, A.Child, E.Benoit, D.Malouf

VTC Solar Collector

J.Darling, T.White



Solar Car Data Collection System

Matt Boyden, Rene Dupuis, Ryan Lavallee

Towerless Anemometer

James Krise, Murphy Barrett

Heat Recovery System for a Clothes Dryer

Michael Hildenbrand, Brian Pollica

Automated Tubing Bender

Justin Dodd, Greg MacFarlane, Will Brigham, Kevin Zayas

Automated Anemometer Spin Down Tester (project for NRG, Inc.)

Matt Nusbaum, Morgan Muren

Automated Wind Vane Tester (project for NRG, Inc.)

Keith Beland, Christian Brinegar, Justin Marsha



Automated Solar Panel Protection System

John Helme, Sohaib Hasan, Krista Miller

Anemometer Testing System

Robert Koch, Andrew Lawrence

Formula Race Car Hybrid Power Train

Dan Farley, Sean Frost, John Hoyt

BR06-Beta (Breaching Robot)

Richard Manning, Erik Johnson

Gantry for ELM Lab

Erik Flum, Tyson Rogstad, Gary Zigmann



BC1.0 (Automated Drawbridge Controller)

Sarah Steward, Chad Harrington

BSELM Robot Platform

Pat Teehan


David Chrystal, Cole Rees, Devin Franklin

Fire Fighting Robot 2006

Chad Ives, Isaac Dupre

Automated LED Solder System(In conjunction with LED Dynamics, Randolph, VT.)

Kyle Levesque, Ryan Bigl


AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

Bryon Douse, Ryan Gray, Emeric Rochford, Dale Williams

Flight Simulator Chair

Dan Leonard, Sam Hernandez, Douglas Lounsbury, Shawn Noel


Ethan Clews, Clark Copeland, David Manning


James Martin, Steve Mitchell, Nick Rode


Robert Hesse

Fiber Winding CNC

Somnang Rom

Stargazer (dual axis antenna controller for satellite communications)

Daniel Beard

Automotive Black Box (an accident data recorder for cars)

Victor Dzewaltowski, Andrew Lawrence, Jacob Wernhoff


Gate Controller
Silicon Based Gate Controller

Denver Wilson

Project Avalanche
Track Climbing Wall

Allison Bodis and Stephen M. Gagnon

An Auotmated Driving Range

Mike Loiselle, Jeremy Paradee and Jared Beland

Electric Power Generation Display

Melanie Campo and Mandi Founier

Rhino Robotics
Feedback Control Trainer

Ryan Kittredge and Adam Ranney

General Universal System for Testing Rotors

Lee Strobridge and Chris Sulkoski

Professor Windmill
An Educational Wind Energy System

Jeff Wilson and Dave Carlson

Happy Home Helper
A Learning Home Automation System

Jeremy Searle


Auto Tuner ( for guitars)

 Brian Crosby

Mr.Mixer: Automatic Drink Maker

 Alex Rust, Nathan Lamie

Re-Accident (Automotive "Black Box")

 Jonathon Turgeon

Electro-pneumatic trainer /Pinball machine

 Will Fisher

Automated Snowshoe Testing Machine (sponsored by Tubbs Snowshoe, Co.)

 Joe Eastman, Karl Garant


Robotics Programming Display

Emily Crofter and Jeremy Corliss

Motor Experimentation Unit

Jesse Houston

Wireless Cone Penetrometer

Jared Harvey and Shawn Ricker

(we regret that the lovebug virus destroyed many of our .jpg image files on the pages below)

New Robot for BSEMT Mini Projects (Rover III)

Darren O'Meara and Adam Brissette 

Biodiesel Generator for the Home

Oliver Piluski, Adam Kidder,Andrew Stephens


Maple Automation

Jim Smith, Chris Vigue and Jeff Friot 

Compressing Super Wire

Chris Duchaine 

PCB Perfect - Automated PC Board Drill

Sam Colwell and Brian Bouglas 

Human Controlled Mechanical Arm

Steve Young and Mike Howerin 


Jumping Robot 

Andrea Felix and Jay Cram 

Office Gopher Robot 

Travis Dudley 

Internet Puma Robot 

William McGrath and Scoth McGrath 

Small-scale Injection Molding Machine 

John Deguise and Ed McGann 

Smart Piggybank 

Lynn Wheatley and Jerad Pelotte 


Cryogenic Chamber 

Peter Bisson and Gary Choquette 

Stair Climbing Robot 

Richard Spinks 

Recycling Collection Robot 

George Pfau 

Automated Video Store 

Jason Adams 

Wall Walking Robot 

Joe Kovac and Ryan Lynaugh 


Fire Fighting Robot 

Richard Fuller, John Reed and Keri Begnoche 

Puma Robot Retrofit 

Richard Labarre and Chad Spooner 

Computerized Rain Gauge 

Ron Poulson and Kris Rounds 

Active Suspension (Automotive) 

Dave Hoffman and Dan Dawley 

Tracking System for Stage Lights 

John Fitzgerald 

Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program 
Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, Vermont



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