Project Upward Swinging Door©


Team:      Ryan Nolin, Emir Heco, and Morgan Muren


The purpose of project upward swinging doors is to simplify the original design of the Lamborghini doors. We will design the hinges and a vehicle to demonstrate how the hinge will work. These hinges cost about $1200 a set if one was to purchase them, but with our design and some skill one will be able to manufacture their own for a fraction of the price.


Concept Sketches:                    


·        Morgan’s First Hinge Design

·        Morgan’s Primary Design

·        Ryan’s Ball Joint Design

·        Ryan’s Complete Modular Swivel Design                         

·        Ryan’s Modular Swivel

·        Emir’s Initial Concept

·        Emir’s Second Concept

·        Emir’s Bearing Hinge Concept


The Hinge:


§         Door Mount

§         Firewall Mount

§         Modular Block

§         Molly Pin

§         Saddle

§         Grease Fitting

§         Assembly Without Piston

§         Final Assembly of the Hinge





§         Piston Inner

§         Piston Base

§         Piston Ball Joint

§         Assembly With Piston


We’ve spent most of our time working on a car model to demonstrate how our hinges will work with the doors.  It has been an “interesting” experience challenging us to think outside of our normal parameters.  Here is what we have come up with so far:


v     Car with spoiler

v     Car with door openings

v     Doors

v     New Openings for the Door


With the completion of the car model, we were able to integrate our hinge assembly to test and further fine tune our design. One side of the car model had our “upward swinging” hinge assembly, and the other side had a stock style hinge.  This was to show the differences in the two designs.


Ø      Car door with Our hinge assembly

Ø      Backside view of Our hinge

Ø      Car door with stock hinge

Ø      Inside view of stock hinge


We now have completed a design guide which can be used to find the machining capabilities, and minimum clearances. We also got a chance to rapid prototype the hinge, thanks to Prof. Johnson and Prof. Waldo, so we can actually see and hold the hinge. By rapid prototyping the hinge it showed us some of the flaws, but also showed us the actual product that we all worked on so hard  to create. It’s really rewarding ones you hold something in your hand that you and your team have designed and created.


·        The design guide

·        Disassembled Hinge

·        Assembly of the prototyped hinge


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