Supercharger Project Notebook Spring 05

Dan Reid and Mike Petry




Our goal for this project is to build a supercharger, based on a Roots type supercharger, but with our own unique design. We have done some research on different blowers and discovered some insightful information. Click here for more information on how a blower works, as well as links to other helpful pages.


To help with what a blower looks like, here are a few pictures to get the imagination flowing:

1.      Inside Roots Blower

2.      The Drive Gears

3.      Another Roots Blower Design

4.      Another Supercharger

5.      Nice Car


Concept Sketch:

1.      Sketch 1


Working Models:

1.      Base Prototype

2.      lobed blades

Finished Models:

1.     Base

2.      Blade Right Turn

3.      Blade Left Turn

4.     Short Shaft

5.     Long Shaft

6.     Gear Right

7.     Gear Right

8.     Pulley


Here are two animated videos of the blower at work:

1.     Video in Cases

2.     Detailed Video