Automated Snowboard Tuning System

Matt Merritt, Ken Glickman

Design Communication II Project

Spring, 2005






-Edge Tuner


-Wax Roll



-Wax/Pin Pulley

- Motor Pulley





- Edge Tuner

-Snowboard --Tuner





- Full Assembly

- Case

- Pin

- Wax/Pin Pulley

- Motor Pulley

- Edge Tuner

- Wax Scraper

- Snowboard




- Old Files

- Matt’s Electronic Notebook

- Ken’s Electronic Notebook



Are you tired my taking out an old iron and dripping hot wax on your snowboard by hand?  Im guessing it took you about 10 minutes to wax your snowboard.  Unless you paid someone $20 to do it for you.  What we have designed for you is a machine that can do the same thing, but at a fraction of the price.  In just under 30 seconds you can have your scratched up snowboard looking newer than ever.  You can even spend one more minute to sharpen up the edges.




~~~How the Tuning System will work ~~~

The user will switch the motor button “on” to start the wax machine.

This will begin to spin the wax at a high speed.

The user will pick up snowboard and run the bottom across the spinning wax, pressing down firmly.

Now the snowboard has all of its nicks and bumps taken care of, leaving it as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


.                     Step by Step Slide Show                    .

How to Wax Snowboard


.                    Step by Step Slide Show                    .

How to Sharpen Edges


Buy your Automated Snowboard Tuning System today for 5 easy payments of $4.99!


If you make an order in the next 5 days we will throw in a Wax Scraper and the Edge Tuner  Absolutely FREE!

Extra rolls of wax are $5 but should last you and your friends 10 seasons anyways!