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We are designing a mountain bike frame that will be used for Hucking.  Hucking is the act of going off from a large drop on a mountain bike.  These bikes have a large amount of travel on the rear tire and are usually outfitted with a Triple Clamp fork which has around seven inches of travel.  These types of bikes never seem to pedal very well up hill, making them mainly useful when you can get a shuttle to the top of a mountain.  Our hope is to design a bike that can withstand drops upwards of fifty feet by creating a new style of suspension for the frame.  We are not concerning ourselves with the pedaling efficiency of the bike.  A demonstration of what the bikes purpose would be.  (QuickTime is required)



          Some of the initial concepts we have is to utilize two shocks into the rear suspension opposed to one being the traditional number.  We had many ideas on how to go about designing the (Idea 1, Idea 2, Idea 3, Idea 4, Idea 5, Idea 6, Idea 7, Idea 8, Idea 9, Idea 10, Idea 11).  These ideas were a group effort; we discussed the pros and cons of each possible design.

          One idea (1, 2) we thought was going to work turned out to have issues with the pivot point and we couldn’t get it to work.  We used Inventor to work out our pivot points in a sketch; we changed the design to our Final Sketch is a single pivot, the kinematical sketch just represents the basic geometry of the frame. 


Current Models:

          Head Tube, Pivot Block.



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