Auto-mower Project Web Page

Team: Sean Hesse & Tyrel Ellis

Senior Projects Team: David Manning, Ethan Clews,

& Clark Copeland


Does your lawn ever look like this background? Well with the help of our design team, you may not have to worry about your grass ever getting that long again!!!



          The first step in our project was to establish COMMUNICATIONS with the Senior Projects team.


Concept Sketches

          The next logical step we took in this design problem was to just draw up some possible concept sketches for the device that is to be built.  After examining the existing drawings, we made some slight modifications to the design and came up with OUR FIRST CONCEPT SKETCHES.



Part Drawings

          Now that the team had been notified and the concept had been decided upon, we began to make part drawings for the mower.  The design work done includes but is not limited to the BODY & DRAWING, BACK WHEELS & DRAWING, ELECTRIC MOTOR & DRAWING, BATTERY & DRAWING, RADIO RECEIVER & DRAWING, RADIO RECEIVER CAP & DRAWING, REEL WHEEL & DRAWING, RECHARGING STATION & DRAWING, AND THE BLADE & DRAWING.