Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


Team Members:


Jason Rowell Aaron Todd


ELM Project team


Purpose: To design the hull for the ELM senior project. Some of the things we were told was they wanted to use PVC piping due to its cost and it would be water tight. They also wanted the design to keep the amount of motors down for programming reasons.



Concept 1 This is the original idea given to us by the group on their idea for the hull. After this idea was modeled we went on different ideas on creating the design of the hull.


Concept 2 This is the first idea that Jason came up with.


Concept 3 This is the second idea that Jason came up with.


Concept 4 This is the first idea that Aaron came up with. This design incorporated the use of to similar sub assemblies. Using the two fans similar like a tank to allow the AUV to pivot in place.


Concept 5 This is the second idea that Aaron came up with. Discussing with Jason and Mr. Johnson about drag issues on design and faults with our designs I learned how to overcome the drag. My solution for doing this was to make a perfectly symmetrical design of the Hull. With having the weight at the bottom the buoyancy will create an effect like the Plumb Bob. It will self center its self on the z axis allowing a single propeller to control the height it is in the water. The symmetrical design of the body will allow finding the location to place the propellers a simple one. The other two propellers will control Yaw and propulsion. This means they can cause the vehicle to go forward and control the steering allowing them to pivot in place. There are still some minor adjustments to the design to help counter the drag of the propeller but there is a solution we have now and it just needs to be tested.