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MEC 1012

MEC 1012 - Design Communication II

SLCD, Spring-Loaded Camming Device (Nathaniel Kemp, Murphy Barrett)

SLCDs are aid devices used in rock climbing and are placed in cracks with parallel sides.  There are many different designs on the market today so our goal is to create one that's more user friendly to the climber but doesn't compromise the device's strength.

Sleigh Bed (Jeremy Singley)

A bed design for Jack Brown of Brown Novelty. Jack plans to build the bed as a surprise for his wife. The design would be a modification of a traditional design to match Jack's dimensions and to fit the style of the furniture in his bedroom, based on purchased plans and a photo from a magazine (which Jack's wife left suggestively lying around the house.)

Supercharger (Dan Reid, Mike Petry)

We are designing a supercharger based on the Roots type blowers that have been around for many years. Our supercharger will have its own unique design, but will also follow the basic concept of the Roots type supercharger.

The RC Flying Wing Camera Platform (Shawn Clement, Michael Thoresen, Nicholas Zimicki-Bowditch, Eric Hall, George Churchill)

We decided to use a framed structure with a one piece skin with cutouts per wing. We will be modeling the engine, servos, and control linkages. We may eventually model, landing gear, camera mount, winglets, propeller, and fuel system.

GO KART (Tim White, Josh LeBlanc, Paul Sokolowski, Matt Boyden, Chris Pollard)

We are designing a Go Kart for use off road. It will have independent front and rear suspension, and a high powered two stroke motor.

AutoMower (Sean Hesse, Tyrel Ellis)

An idea for an automatic lawn mowing device has come up. We must design the mower to given specifications. The recharging station must also be designed.

Wood Processor (Ben Rowe, Joe Ducharme)

Wood processor designed to speed the process of cutting and splitting firewood. Our goal is to design complete plans for a wood processor.

AUV - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Aaron Todd, Jason Rowell)

Assisting the ELM Project team with mechanical concepts and documentation. Concentrating on hull design.

EDM (Sean Hesse)

Assisting Bob Hesse’s ELM Project with the design of an EDM work tank.

Project Upward Swinging Doors (Emir Heco, Morgan Muren, Ryan Nolin)

To simplify the original design of the Lamborghini doors. We will design the hinges and a vehicle to demonstrate how the hinge will work. These hinges cost about $1200, if one was to purchase them, but with our design and some skill one will be able to manufacture their own for a fraction of the price.

Steering Quickener (Justin Marsha, Jonathan Pierson)

A steering quickener is a device used for motorsports applications where tight radius turns and quick car control are important. The steering quickener simply multiplies the angular displacement in steering use producing quicker car control reaction times.

Automated Snowboard Tuning System (Matt Merritt, Ken Glickman)

Our project is focused on designing an automated system for tuning snowboards. We hope to have sharpening, waxing, and scraping all being available in our design, with as little human interaction as possible.

D.H. Rig (Aaron Todd, Tim White, Paul Sokolowski)

We are designing a mountain bike for the purpose of hucking, which is the act of taking large drops.

Hydroelectric Generator (Eric Hall, Shawn Clement)

A hydroelectric Generator is a machine that uses the motion of a moving body of water such as a river or brook to create a flow of electrical energy which is then used to power many appliances and machines used in our everyday life.

Surface Modeling (Jeremy Singley)

An account of efforts to determine the limits of Autodesk Inventor as an industrial design tool.


To get a feel for what’s been done in the past, consider looking through some old project pages. Of course, you should hope to do better work.

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