George Churchill


Flying Wing Contributions


Here are a couple of pictures of a nose cone developed for the plane.  Loft was used to create this nose cone however, it was determined that this did not allow enough control over the construction of the part.  





March 1, 2005

Here are some pictures of an attempt to build a prop by creating a cylinder and then three separate sketches to loft through.  The loft did not work because it did not actually create the correct curve on the leading edge of the propeller.  It ended up with a section that was more or less like a parabola that would catch air and cause drag rather than slice through the air.





March 21-25

Below are some drawings and pictures of a design idea to develop an EDM machine that will be attached to a Bridgeport Mill.

This back plate is what the top plate is mounted to. The outside of the telescoping piece is also steadied with the use of the Top/Bottom gussets mounted to the back plate

EDM Back Plate Drawing

Center Gusset Drawing

Top and Bottom Gusset Drawing

EDM Top Plate Drawing

EDM Telescoping Outside Drawing

Model Pictures

EDM Back Plate

Center Gusset

Top and Bottom Gusset

EDM Top Plate

EDM Telescoping Outside


May 3rd 2005

Below are some modeling pictures of a potato gun with a rifled barrel

Assembly view 1 of potato gun

Assembly view 2 of potato gun

Modeling pictures of parts creating assembly

The rifled barrel and a view looking down rifled barrel which is attached to the reducer (side view, straight on view, isometric view) and then the chamber (isometric view, side view) with the end cap glued to the end of chamber and end cap screw (side view, isometric view) that screws into end cap (side view, isometric view) for closed system. 


May 12th 2005

Below are links to the dimensioned drawings of the above shown models




End Cap

End Cap Screw

Assembly Drawing of Potato Gun