Tim White

Electronic Notebook

Spring 2005



GO KART (Tim White, Josh LeBlanc, Paul Sokolowski, Matt Boyden, Chris Pollard)

We are designing a Go Kart for use off road. It will have independent front and rear suspension, and a high powered two stroke motor.


I turned in assignment 1 today.


Today we started the Go Kart and everyone through out there input on what they thought the Go Kart should be like.We began sketching what the frame and suspension should be like.

       Rough Sketch of Suspension

        Rough Sketch of Frame

       Rough Sketch of Frame and Role Cage


We started using inventor, and laying out the frame and suspension of the Go Kart.I wrote up the description for the project (description). The group and I also talked about what size engine we planned on using.

       Frame (Computer Rendering)

       Frame (Working Drawing)


Today I worked on the role cage.I didnít get far because I had a disagreement with another team member.But knowing I lost work time, I came in Thursday afternoon to work some more.

       Rough Sketch of Role Cage Dimensions

       Rough Sketch of Role Cage


On the last day of class before vacation.I built the role cage in Inventor and put the role cage and the frame into an assembly drawing.And for the last hour of class I worked on my electronic notebook.

       Role Cage Computer Rendering

       Role Cage Working Drawing

       Frame Assembly Computer Rendering


I came in around 9:00PM to finish up some last minute things on my electronic notebook.††


Today I came in and started the steering assembly.It took me the whole class to create bang out a couple of concept sketches and computer renderings.

        Steering On Role Cage (Computer Rendering)

        Gusset To Hold Steering (Computer Rendering)

        Inner Steering Shaft (Computer Rendering)

        Out Steering Shaft (Computer Rendering)

        Steering Wheel (Computer Rendering)

        Steering Mount For Role Cage (Computer Rendering)


DH Rig (Tim White, Paul Sokolowski, Aaron Todd)

We are designing a mountain bike for the purpose of hucking, which is the act of taking large drops.


Today after along time thinking, I decided to change projects.Paul, Aaron, and I are forming a group to begin designing a Mt. Bike frame.We want a frame that can with stand large drops, and still have a simple design.Traditional bike frames only have one shox, we are trying to design one that has two.And thatís about as far as we got on the new project.


All day during class I researched different bike frames, so we didnít copy anyone else design.We tried to come up with a bike frame that had a single pivot, instead of a linkage set up.This was to simplify the design, and lessen future problems for the frame if ever develop.It was a along and tiring class, but I believe I came closer to a good start of a concept sketch.


Missed class, because I had to go to court.


Today all class I drew up concept sketches.The group and I decided on a finished sketch for the bike frame.The last thing I did was, model up the pivot block I inventor.

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Concept Sketch)

       Bike Frame (Finished Concept Sketch)

       Pivot Block (Computer Rendering)


The group and I really started to build the bike today.Aaron is doing the front triangle, Paulís doing the rear triangle, and I am doing all the lose ends.Like the drive train mounts and brake mounts.All I got done today was a concept sketch of the bottom bracket, and a computer rendering in inventor.


       Bottom Bracket (Computer Rendering)

       Brake Mount (Computer Rendering)


       Brake Mount (Working Drawing)


Today I designed, and built the rear axel mount.†††† Also I put a replaceable derailleur mount on the rear axel mount.This is in case you break one, and one you donít need to buy a whole new rear triangle.

       Derailleur Hanger (Computer Rendering)

       Rear Axel Mount (Computer Rendering)

       Derailleur Hanger (Working Drawing)

       Rear Axel Mount (Working Drawing)


Today I made a label for the front of the front triangle.Also I started the design guide.

        Label For Front Triangle (Computer Rendering)


The group and I made the design guide today, and the power point presentation slide.

        Design Guide



Assignment 1