Project Upward Swinging Door


By: Ryan Nolin


1st Day:  Our group, ( Muren, Hecko and myself) met and discussed ideas on  designing our own upward swinging car door design.

·        Pictures

·        Ball Joint design

·        Complete modular swivel design

·        Modular swivel

I think that if we make the main hinge system a modular design it can be incorporated into different designed doors. When making the different designed doors all that would need to change is the ¼” metal plates.  The modular hinge could be kept the same and bolted to the plates.




2nd Day: Each person in our group has come up with a different idea as how to accomplish the same task.  We all decided that we should each model our parts in Inventor. Once these are modeled we will decide which idea is best.


This assembly is just a rough idea that is used to convey my ideas quickly and easily.  From this I will refine my design and improve the ideas.

I believe the next step to this process is to design an actual side of a car that we can all adapt our designs too.  This modeled assembly in Inventor would allow us to see what works and what doesn’t.


·        Rough Door design

         Door Drawing

·        Door and Hinge Assembly



3rd Day:  Today each person continued there design and modeled there concept of a hinge using the door model part.  Today I continued to model the car part of the door.  Having this will give us a basic idea of our limitations.  I also started doing some of the drawings of the rough design so I can go back to them later and edit the dimentions


·        Car Model

·        Assembly Drawing

·        Modular Block Piece Drawing

·        Saddle Drawing

·        Door Mount Drawing

·        Fender Mount Drawing

·        Chrome Moly Pin drawing


Our next step is to measure the actual dimensions of the car door and fender mount.  When we have these dimensions we will be able to edit our existing designs.  Our group also plan on building mock assemblies out of foam to get a better idea on how they fit.


4th Day: Today I tried to come up with ideas on how to improve my design of the door hinge. I was thinking of adding grease fittings to the moving parst to improve on the wear of the parts.


·        I had to custom design a grease fitting that had English dimensions.  Grease fittings are only available in metric dimensions.

·        Grease Fitting

·        Grease Fitting Drawing


5th Day: Today we continued our work on the parts.  I continued to improve the existing modeled parts.


·        I added English dimensioned grease fittings to the assembly

·        For the pin going through the saddles and the Modular Block piece, I added grooves to use clips as retainers. New Moly pin.

·        Drawing for new pin design.

·        I Also added grease fittings to the saddles to help lubrication. New Saddles

·        New Saddle drawings

·        Last, I finished the final assembly


6th Day: In class today I worked on mounting holes on the door hinge assembly to mount a piston to help ease of lifting the door.


·        Hole drilled in fender mount piece.

·        Hole drilled in door piece

·        Today I also built a racing type car that could use our door hinge. This car was done by lofting.


7th Day: Today in class I worked on the drawings for the assembly of the door hinge.  The piston was added to the design to help aid in lifting the door.


·        Final Assembly Drawing

8th Day: Today I continued to work on drawings.  I also started thinking of a new project to do because this one is getting old.


·        Final Assembly with Piston

·        Final Block Part

·        Final Grease Fitting

·        Final Inner Fender Mount

9th Day: Today I worked on modeling a stock style hinge for the driver side door.  This will be added to the car modeling and will be a comparison to the upward swinging hinge.


·        Concept sketch

·        Edited door with mounting block

·        Stock door hinge  part

·        Stock inner fender mounting part

·        Assembly using the stock style hinge

10th Day:  Today I worked on constraining the stock door hinge assembly to the car assembly.

·        To do this I had to rework the inner door mount.

·        My stock assembly now attached to the car.

·        Outside of the car with door open


11th Day:  Today I worked on the team website, by updating the progress that we have made. I also had to re-constrain the stock style door hinge to the car model so I could open the door.


·        Team website link

·        Section I added

·        The re-constrained door that is open


12th Day:  In class today I worked on some drawings.  We made the drawings then had somebody look over and correct them.  We then went back and fixed all of the errors.


·        I finished the blockpart drawing

·        I also completed the inner piston drawing.


13th Day:  Today was our last day of project work.  I decided to make a design guide since we did not have one yet.


·        The design guide that I completed.

·        I also updated the team web page.