Nathaniel Kemp’s Electronic Folder for Design Communication II

Assignments- 1 2 3 4 5 6

Projects- SLCD RC Flying Wing

Challenges 1 2 3




Assignment 1 – Review of MEC 1011


Backpack Bin Design Guide

Bin Drawing

Bin Model

Comfort Pad Drawing

Comfort Pad Model

Thumb Screw Drawing

Thumb Screw Model

Backpack Bin

Exploded Backpack Bin

Assignment 2 – Redesign for Injection Molding


Assignment 2 Design Guide

Bin Drawing

Bin Model

Cover Drawing

Cover Model

Assembly Drawing

Assembly Model

Design Requirements Bin Assembly Drawing

Design Requirements Bin Assembly Model

Assignment 3 – Adaptivity and Weldments


Assignment 3 Design Guide

Excel Parameters Worksheet for Base

Excel Parameters Worksheet for Handbar

Weldment Assembly Drawing

Weldment Assembly Model

Adaptive Brace Drawing

Adaptive Brace Model

Base Drawing

Base Model

Base For Casting Drawing

Base For Casting Model

Block Drawing

Block Model

Handbar Drawing

Handbar Model

Plug Drawing

Plug Model

Rod For Base And Arm Drawing

Rod For Base And Arm Model

Rod For Brace And Block Drawing

Rod For Brace And Block Model

Rod For Handle And Plug Drawing

Rod For Handle And Plug Model

Design Requirements Base

Design Requirements Weldment Assembly Drawing

Assignment 4 – Sculpted Form from Industrial Design


Assembly Model

Top Model

Bottom Model

Parting Line Model

Assignment 5 – Completion and Revision Control


Base For Casting Drawing

Base For Casting Model

Block Drawing

Block Model


All other models from were from Assignment 3 and were unchanged.

Assignment 6 – Design and Data for Prototypes

Nate Cooling System Model

Sheet Metal Box Drawing

Sheet Metal Box Model



Spring Loaded Camming Device (SLCD)-

PROJECT GOAL -To create a SLCD that was much easier to open and close when climber is put in difficult positions during aid positioning.


SLCD Design Guide


Paper Sketches-

Concept Sketch-paint markings for placement in the rock inspired by Metolius Climbing cams, handle changed significantly (see below), material is carbon steel 

Sketch of idea pertaining to the transition from main shaft to jaws

Sketch of idea pertaining to the grip that would control the jaws by wires

Detail on the hand-friendly grips and hole for easy carbineer or quikdraw clipping

Sketch of idea pertaining to the connection of the grip to the jaw’s opening and closing motion


Computer Modeling and Documentation-

Handle Weld Assembly Model

SLCD Assembly Drawing

SLCD Assembly Model

Metal Lever Arm Model

Metal Lever Arm Drawing

Handle Insert Drawing

Handle Insert Model

Handle Pin Drawing

Handle Pin Model


RC Flying Wing- Project Webpage HERE


1.      Heavy lift light-weight airframe.

2.      Large volume internal cargo bay.

3.      Simple construction.

4.      Compact internal design.

5.      Small efficient engine.

6.      Short take-off run.

7.      Short landing on rough terrain.

8.      Efficient flight for good endurance.

9.      Retractable light-weight landing gear.

     10. Good looks…well we can try at least.


Front Gear Design Guide


Computer Modeling and Documentation-

Nose Gear Assembly Drawing

Nose Gear Model

Axel Drawing

Axel Model

Front Pin Drawing

Front Pin Model

Left Trail Link Drawing

Left Trail Link Model

Pin Drawing

Pin Model

Pin RingBottomT Drawing

Pin RingBottomT Model

Ring Bottom Drawing

Ring Bottom Model

Ring Top Drawing

Ring Top Model



Challenge 1-Review of MEC 1011


Assembly Drawing

Assembly Model

Bearing Model

Bearing Adapter Drawing

Bearing Adapter Model

Flange Mount Drawing

Flange Mount Model

Challenge 2-Adaptivity, Weldments, and Casting


MEC 1012 Challenge 2 Design Guide Base Drawing

Restricting Excel Parameters

Table Weldment Assembly Drawing

Table Weldment Assembly Model

Base Drawing

Base Model

Base For Casting Drawing

Base For Casting Model

Name Plate Drawing

Name Plate Model

Table Drawing

Table Model

Plate Drawing

Plate Model

Challenge 3-SkillsUSA 2005


Assembly Drawing

Assembly Model

Base Drawing

Base Model

Bushing Drawing

Bushing Model

Fork Drawing

Fork Model

Post Drawing

Post Model

Set-Screw Drawing

Set-Screw Model

Sleeve Drawing

Sleeve Model