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Flying Wing

Group Members - Shawn Clement - Nicholas F. Zimicki-Bowditch - Michael Thoresen

WEEK ONE - Introduction to course and projects.

WEEK TWO - We broke down the project into ever individual piece and assigned different projects for each member.

WEEK THREE - I drew a 3D model of the Engine and the Engine Mount that is going to be used in the Flying Wing.

WEEK FOUR -  I finished the Engine Assembly and a Concept Sketch of the wing and its components.

WEEK FIVE – I finished the carb on the motor and then started on the engine mount. We also revised our final assembly to include sub assemblies. Here’s a view of the finished plane so far.

WEEK SIX – I finished the rib mounts for the engine. We also deleted old sketches, and considered and talked about an emergency parachute. We cleaned up our files into sub assemblies, I modified the engine mount again, and we discussed servos placement and linkage for the rear fins. Here’s a picture of the plane without the outer shell.

Week Seven – We talked about steering for the front wheel, braking for the front wheel, and the design of the front cowl. I began the mount for the first rib and the rib itself.

Week Eight – I learned more about splines and we conversed about the front cowl. We also considered the process of building the ribs on the CNC machine and the landing gear on the rapid prototype.

Week Nine – I looked online at actual remote controlled airplanes for ideas and design schemes for the outside paint or decals.

Week Ten – I started drawing the shock, and we also decided to change the entire cowl design, and we flipped the motor upside down to enhance the appearance of the plane.

Week Eleven – I completed the shock, and I searched online for a shock of the right size to actually buy and apply to the airplane.

Week Twelve – I cut out a hole in the ribs for the wings to alloy for a servo, and I also modeled the servo itself. Then I demonstrated one the process of cutting out one of the ribs on MasterCam.

Week Thirteen – I cut out the shape of a wing using MasterCam. I also finished the setup for the servo that controls the wing flaps. The reason for the bars is so that another servo can push that servo forward or back.

Week Fourteen – I documented the following parts as part drawings: Engine Bracket, Bracket, Engine Mount Support, Rib One Bottom, Rib One Top.

Week Fifteen – I updated this electronic notebook, and worked on a power point presentation. Here is a picture of the final plane, and here it is without the cover. Here is a front view and a side view.



Assignment One – Assignment One

Assignment Two – Assembled Box, with draft for molding.

Assignment Three -  Assembled Unit

Assignment Four – Assignment Four

Assignment Five – Assignment Five

Assignment Six  - Assignment Six


Challenge One – Challenge One

Challenge Two – Challenge Two

Challenge Three – Base, Bushing, Fork, Post, Set Screw, and Sleeve.