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By Michael Petry


Supper Charger Project

When we first started this project we new the basic of how a super charger works but we need more information on different types of blowers and which one we wonted to build. We got some information from the inter net and this is what we found. Click here

        Pic 1

        Pic 2

Me and Dan Read then began are design ideas we came up with this concept and decided a few important things. We decided that it would be built in to halves and that it would be a roots blower.

        Concept Sketch

        Non dimensioned lower half Prototype Housing

We determined that the first thing we had to do is design the blades that compress the air inside the housing. This is what we came up with after many hours of figuring.

        First Design but determined it dint work

        Second Design just drawing

After much figuring we determined that the blades were going to be hard to model due to the fact that either the lobe sizes or the overall sizes had to be arbitrary or have a ten figure decimal. This is because the lobes on the blades have to be tangent.

        Fully modeled blade with right twist

        Fully modeled blade with left twist

Once the blade was full modeled the concern that the blades would be to heavy was brought to my attention so I modeled new blades that were shelled out but didnít lose any or little structural stability. The issue of how the blade would be held in place on the shaft also came up. It was decided that a key would be attached to the blade and a slot would be made on the shaft.

        Fully modeled blade with right twist / lightened / key

        Fully modeled blade with left twist / lightened / key

After designing the first concept of the housing we printed it and then used that base to start the construction of the final version. A print of are concept base to dimension the final design of the base.

        Dimension sketch

After many hours of modeling and taking in consideration of things like ribs for stiffness, clearances, mating to manifold and carburetor this is the model that was crated.

        1 Final model of base

        2 Final model of base

To drive the supercharger a pulley is required so I modeled this one and made a fully dimensioned drawing of it. I also incorporated a key in this to hold it on the pulley.

        Model of pulley

        Fully Dimension of Drawing

This is the complete assembly of the supercharger this contains parts that I and Dan Reid have modeled.

        Supercharger Assembly

This is the assembly with the top half removed and the components showing.

        1 Supercharger Assembly

        2 Supercharger Assembly

        3 Supercharger Assembly

This is a complete drawing of the base

        Base Drawing

After completing the modeling on the supercharger I felt that it needed a cowl or scoop to sit on top of it so I designed one that I think fits the supercharger. This model has an intricate screen that covers the front of it.


These are two videos of our supercharger at work

        Video #1

        Video #2