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MEC 1012 - Design Communication II
Assignments and Challenges


Assignment 1
Review of MEC 1011

Assembly Drawing

Box (appropriate use)  


Assignment 3
Adaptivity and Weldments




Assignment 5
A3 completion and Revision Control


Challenge 1
Review of MEC 1011




Challenge 2
Adaptivity, Weldments, and Casting

Top View of Table

Bottom View of Table


Assembly of Table

Challenge 3
SkillsUSA 2005

Assignment 2
Redesign for Injection Molding


Assignment 4
Sculpted Form from Industrial Design

Molding Parameters


Assignment 6
Design and Data for Prototypes







Snowboard Tuning Machine


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Project Page~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Concept sketches

Ø      Original Design (bench) – We didn’t like the design of this first bench.  It was too complicated so we simplified a new bench. 

Ø      New Design (bench) – Two of these will be placed on the ground for the snowboard to lie on while tuning is being done.

Ø      Edge Tuner

Ø      Wax Scraper

Ø      Iron Roller


Parts List

How machine will work

            Drive System – The drive system is a very sophisticated mechanism. It is made up of a gear box and a track in which it will smoothly roll across from one end of the track to the other.  Different attachments such as the edge tuner, iron roller, and wax scraper will be on the gear box. 


Table – The table is pretty simple.  Two saw horses are place on the ground, and snowboard is placed on top.  The board will not slide because rubber is placed on the top of each horse.   This also makes it easy to adjust for long and short boards; you simply just have to move the horse to where you want it.


1.      Snowboard will lie upside down on the two saw horses.

2.      First, the edge sharpener will go from right to left until edge is sharp.

3.      The iron roller will heat up and roll across the board, melting the wax into the scratches of the board.

4.      The wax scraper will then scrape off all the extra wax.


After Mr. Mathew Paul Merritt and I had a long discussion about our table, we have decided that we were making the table too complicated.  We are going to simplify everything because a snowboard tuning table doesn’t need to be this complex.  If you compare the original design concept with the new design concept sketch, you can see what path we are going on.



Today I designed the wax scraper, edge tuner, and worked on the project page.  I also scanned all of the concept sketches.

We are currently making a new concept sketch for an automatic iron roller.



Worked on the drawing files for the parts I drew.  Matt is designing the track for the automatic iron roller.  I added some things to the project page.



Today we will work on the main assembly.  We need to assemble the table first, then put the track on.  After that all fits together, the gear box will go on.

Fitting the attachments to the gear box will be the next step. 



Matt and I got the table and gear box together.  We have to figure out a good way to attach the tools (edge tuner, wax scraper, iron roller) to the gear box so it doesn’t take much time to go from taking the edge tuner off to putting the wax scraper on.  Here is my first idea of the attachment.

            This is how it would fit on to the parts…

·        Wax Scraper attachment


I am continuing to work on the attachments for the parts.  In order to get the edge tuner to work correctly, we need to add a force pushing the tuner in towards the edge of the snowboard.  So I made some springs that were going to use to do this.



After talking with Mathew Merritt we came up with a new idea.  We aren’t going to use the wax roller or the wax scraper.  Instead of our great idea to drip hot messy wax on the snowboard and then scrape the excess off, we’ve decided to use a roll of wax which will spin, then the snowboard will be ran across this block of wax where it will fill in all the scratches.  After doing this there is no point to scrape off the excess wax because there won’t be any.  So we don’t need any wax scrapers.


I just designed a wax pin and the wax roll for our new wax assembly.  Mathew designed the rest (box + handle). 


On another note, I am getting rid of the idea to use springs with the edge tuner.  My new concept is to just pick up the tuner with your hand, run it a few times by one side, then the other side, until edges are sharp.  Do not over sharpen!

This is the most common way to sharpen a snowboard, also the easiest way.



Today I will be redesigning the Project Page.  The information in it now has been outdated and changed. 

Here is the layout I had in mind.  I decided to make the webpage look like an info-commercial.  Such as selling what Matt and I have designed for a good price.



Step 1: Spinning wax box

Set up links for the wax pin, wax roll, box and handle.



When you want to tune up your snowboard you usually have to do it by hand.  I mean like putting your snowboard on the floor, taking a block of wax and rubbing it on.  This usually can take up to 5 minutes to cover your whole snowboard.  If your at a mountain it can cost up to $20 just to get a wax job and edge tune.  What we have designed for you is a machine that can do the same thing, but at a fraction of the price.  In just under 30 seconds you can have your scratched up snowboard looking newer than ever.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How machine will work ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The user will press button to start the wax machine.

This will begin to spin the wax at a high speed.

The user will pick up snowboard and run it across the spinning roll of wax, pressing down firmly.

Now the snowboard has all of its nicks and bumps taken care of.


Buy your Automated Snowboard Tuning System today for 5 easy payments of $4.99!


If you make an order in the next 5 days we will throw in a wax scraper and  Edge Tuner Absolutely FREE



Hopefully this sells!



Today I worked on the project page.  I did a lot of new things to it.  Re-arranged it, re-linked a bunch of things, Matt put the old links to jpegs on another page because they are things we are not using any more.  There is defiantly a big improvement since last week for the project page.

I made a Step by Step Slide Show: how to wax snowboard and another Step by Step Slide Show: How to Sharpen Edges

            They came out pretty well. 

I scanned a document so I could link it to the project page.  Snowboard Tuner Concept design