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GoKart (Tim White, Josh LeBlanc, Paul Sokolowski, Matt Boyden, Chris Pollard)

We are designing a Go Kart for use off road. It will have independent front and rear suspension, and a high powered two stroke motor.

·        1-19-05: It was during this week that our group met to discuss what the Project GoKart would involve. We discussed the appearance of the GoKart, as well as how the GoKart will function. We through out a few quick group sketches, mainly to express ideas (Idea now dropped—former idea for braking) and decided that multiple parts would be off-the-shelf parts. These would make the manufacturing of this GoKart much easier, and, not to mention, more cost friendly.

·        1-26-05: It was during this week that the GoKart really started taking shape, not in the physical aspect, but in the design aspect. Each person took on a certain job, ranging from the design of the Front suspension, to the Rear suspension, to the Sub-Frame. Early in the day we brainstormed, helping each other in the design and functionality of the components to be built. (Idea sketch and Refined Sketch)   We split up the group into a couple of different groups; I along with Tim White undertook the challenge of creating the Sub Frame components in Inventor.

·        2-2-05: This week Tim White and I continued our work on the Sub Frame Assembly, and moved onto the Upper Frame and Roll Cage. Sub Frame: Frame Center Channel

·        2-9-05: STREP THROAT: Missed class  (White Finished Roll cage without me…)

·        2-11-05: Came in to put the final touches on the E-Notebook before I take off for vacation.

·        2-16-05: Break---

·        2-23-05: Designed engine mount and began to create it on Inventor. Initial Design of Engine Mount

·        3-2-05: Finished work on engine mount, but realized my original design was faulty. (original design was altered before screenshot was taken)  Had to redesign engine mount. Thought of a new method of connecting the frame components together, consists of welding a nut on the back of a plate, and recessing the plate in the frame, and welding it into place. Design One Design Two

·        3-9-05: Found out that I am now the lone soldier on the GoKart project. Continued work on frame components, (made the recessed frame fasteners, and placed some into the frame) and revised engine mount. Began assembling the frame. Frame One Frame Two Frame Three Frame Four

·        3-16-05: Updating E-Notebook and worked on cartoon gauge (drawing) for the construction of the recessed frame fasteners.

·        3-23-05:

·        3-30-05: Break

·        4-6-05:

·        4-13-05:

·        4-20-05: Missed Class for brothers Birthday

·        4-27-05: Missed Class

·        5-4-05: Last Class of the Semester: Made a few Part Drawings for the GoKart frame. Center Frame Engine Mount Support Frame Assembly I also Updated the Assignment Page of the E Notebook, and wrote a Design Guide for the GoKart Frame Assembly