Electronic Notebook

MEC 1012

Spring 2005

Aaron Todd




Project Calendar:




January 11th- Had an introduction to the course, some possible project ideas were given and helping older students was given.  The idea for making a cam was proposed and three people including myself decided to work on it. 


          January 18th- Worked on Cam design, modifying to make it more desirable and easy to use.  Concepts were put out, discussing possible faults with current ones, what would make it user friendly when up on a wall.  A final idea of what should be was sketched out and the design was to be designed.  (Final Concept)  There were many ideas on how to make the Cam better.  Such as an easier handle to use (Concept), other sketches were used to illustrate the basic design of a cam (Sketch 1, Sketch 2, and Sketch 3).


          January 20th- Finished Assignment # 1, worked on part of the Cam modifying the main unit of the piece.


          AUV: Electromechanical Seniors Project Page,


January 25th - Discussed AUV project with the senior’s in the electromechanical senior projects class.  They discussed what it must be capable of doing and what their ideas are (Their Concept).  After meeting with them, we modeled up their idea and, started to come up with ideas of our own and discussed possible faults with all of them.  I later discussed the possible flaws with their project with Mr. Johnson.  I learned about the three axis and terms used in water navigation.


          February 1st - Discussed possible forms of propulsion with Mr. Johnson and Jason Rowell.  Some concepts were put out there and I based a concept off from these discussions.  I made a mock up of one idea and E-mailed it to the seniors in the electromechanical project group.  (Rendering and Concept Sketch)  There was a discussion involving the best possible solution for steering and propulsion. 


          February 8th - Worked on Electronic Notebook.  Discussing with Jason and Mr. Johnson about drag issues on design and faults with our designs I learned how to overcome the drag.  My solution for doing this was to make a perfectly symmetrical design of the Hull.  With having the weight at the bottom the buoyancy will create an effect like the Plumb Bob.  It will self center its self on the z axis allowing a single propeller to control the height it is in the water.  The symmetrical design of the body will allow finding the location to place the propellers a simple one.  The other two propellers will control Yaw and propulsion.  This means they can cause the vehicle to go forward and control the steering allowing them to pivot in place.  There are still some minor adjustments to the design to help counter the drag of the propeller but there is a solution we have now and it just needs to be tested.  (Rendering of the Design)


          February 21st – After making numerous attempts to contact the AUV group in regards to the design of the Hull and not receiving any response, I decided to move on to another project unless they asked me to come do some more work for them again.


          April 26th – I was asked to make a dummy propeller for the group so they could use a side view of it in their Auto CAD files and I also helped them get a quick view of their drive shaft (Model, Drawing).  


          April 3rd – I made a power point slide for the AUV project (Image).



          D.H. Rig: (Paul Sokolowski, Tim White, Aaron Todd)


          February 20th – I discussed the possibility of me starting a new project working with two students Tim and Paul in another section of Design Communication 2.  Possible project ideas were brought up, the one that appealed to me was the bike frame.


          February 21st – I discussed with Mr. Johnson the possibility of making a bike frame as a new project with Paul and Tim.  I talked to Paul and Tim later that night and we discussed possible designs for a bike frame.


          February 28th – On the way up to Burlington Monday night, Tim and I discussed the idea of designing a new style of rear suspension for a mountain bike as the project. 


          March 1st – I discussed with Paul and Tim about starting the new project.  I later discussed with Mr. Johnson about what the plan was; he thought it was adequate to meet the standards. 


          March 8th – I looked at existing designs for suspension and found the Specialized FSR design to be the most logical because of the way the wheel travels up and down.  I looked in particular a Karpiel bikes mainly because they design long travel bike frames, they seem to use the FSR four bar linkage as well.  I drew up two concept sketches both being very similar to Karpiel designs utilizing the FSR four bar linkage (Concept 1, Concept 2).


          March 9th – I worked with Paul and Tim for two hours coming up with concepts for a new style of rear suspension.  It seemed like the group consensus was to incorporate the use of two shocks into the design.  This is an interesting design challenge to make the frame and linkage utilize both shocks equally with out over working one shock.  I had the idea of moving the pivot point up higher on the frame and making an X.  It seems reasonable but I have worries of the frame bottoming out when the suspension is compressed all the way. 


          March 15th – I started to work on the D.H. Rig project page.  I had done the majority of the work, but without concept sketches I was unable to complete the page.


          March 22nd – I finished the D.H. Rig project page with the concept sketches I had.  I also linked in footage from the Red Bull rampage to give an idea of what the bike must be capable of.  I updated my electronic notebook.


          March 23rd – Worked with Tim and Paul on possible suspension designs, we had reached an idea we though would work but it when we made a kinematical drawing in inventor (The Idea).  I changed a few point on the Drawing to create a design that in theory will work with two shocks, so they don’t inhibit each other (kinematical drawing).  The two lines two lines without dimensions represent the shocks on the bike frame, they are allowed to compress, the way they are attached they will have pivot points as well.  After that I showed it to Mr. Johnson to get his opinion of it, as well as the group’s opinion.  We all agreed that it would work and decided to go forward with the project (The Final Concept).  I started to model some of the parts for the front triangle, starting with the head tube and the top tube.


          March 24th – I have updated my electronic notebook and the project page for the D.H. Rig. 


          April 5th – I learned how to use the kinematics sketch to control the size and angles of the tubing for the front triangle.  Mr. Johnson also showed me a quicker way to mate the tubes and replace the faces so they were cut perfectly for the tubes.  I modeled the top tube and attached it to the head tube.


          April 6th – I showed Tim and Paul this process, I was able to move farther along on the front triangle almost completing it.  I did run into trouble with using the weld feature of Inventor, it wouldn’t allow me to do what I wanted it to.  (Front Triangle)


          April 12th – I have learned how to overcome the issues with the first concept, so I am going to get Tim and Paul’s idea on their opinion of going back to it.  I did finish modeling the front triangle for out current design, with the exception of one or two parts.  (Front Triangle)


          April 13th – I worked with Tim and Paul some more on the Bike frame, I feel we didn’t get that much accomplished, but we have the idea we are going with.


          April 19th – I finished fixing the bottom bracket to make it easily machine able (Bottom Bracket).  I have also finished the front triangle to date and am waiting for Paul to produce the rear triangle (Front Triangle).


          April 20th – I updated my electronic notebook and also started a working drawing for the bottom bracket.


          April 26th – I started the assembly drawing of the front triangle along with doing the welds (Drawing).


          May 4th – I did the power point presentation and poster for the D.H. Rig (Power Point).


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