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Mechanical Engineering Technology

MEC 1012

MEC 1012 - Design Communication II
Challenge 1- Review of MEC 1011

Each student must earn a passing grade on all challenges to earn a passing grade in the course.


This Challenge is an abbreviated version of MEC 1012 Assignment 1.


        You must base your design on the sketches and design guide given to you.

        Your models must demonstrate the appropriate use of various 3D features as called for.

        Your documentation must adhere to the standards of completeness and quality outlined in Priorities 1 and 2 of the MEC 1011 Final Project


        Produce a complete set of working drawings using Autodesk Inventor. Set up and use an Inventor project file in V:\MEC\1012\Spring_05\Challenge1\TXA\username. Use A-size portrait or B-size landscape sheets.

        Turn in a paper package (stapled top left) consisting of:

a.      Design guide

b.      Sketches

c.      Set of working drawings (printed 1:1 with drawing scale of your choice. Fold B-size pages accordion style).



        Complete each drawing fully before proceeding on to the next one.

        Add each part to the assembly drawing after its part drawing is complete. (Example: Complete part #2 and place it in the assembly before going on to part #3.)

        Use section views for clarity where appropriate.