Design Communications II

Desktop Physics Demonstration

The Stirling Engine

                        Group Members:
                                  Rick Gray             
                                 Angela Hon
                              Pete Mazzarella
                               Jared Williams

                             Meeting Minutes

                             Project Summary 
                             Gant Chart                                                               

                             Bill of Materials, Project Cost, & Parts List

                             Part Drawings
                             Users Manual

                        Google - Every web page should have a link to google.
               - How the Stirling Engine works. (including animations)
                        The American Stirling Company - Stirling Engine kits you can buy.
                        Lets Build Model Stirling Engines - This site has several plans for building small Stirling Engines.
                                                                             Our design is modeled after the TSE-03 found on this site.

Other Resources

The physics textbook
Cutnell & Johnson
Fifth edition
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.