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Electronic Notebook

Vermont Technical College


Assignment 1-Part Documentation


-First Angle Projection                              jpg

-Third Angle Projection                            jpg

-Paper Weight Concept                            jpg

-Paper Weight Isometric                           jpg

-Paper Weight Working Drawing           jpg


Assignment 2-Basic Features


- Circular Pattern           jpg        edrawing

- Cut Revolve                  jpg        edrawing

- Extrude Hole Fillet      jpg        edrawing

- Loft                                jpg        edrawing

- Sweep                            jpg        edrawing


Assignment 3-Assembly Documentation


-Concept Sketch                           jpg                                              

-Cylinder Base Drawing             jpg

-Plate Drawing                            jpg

-Rotating Plate Assembly           jpg


Assignment 4-Assemblies


-Cube                        jpg        edrawing

- Cube Assembly     jpg        edrawing


Assignment 5-Auto Cad 2D Modeling


-Drawing 1               jpg

-Drawing 2               jpg 


Assignment 6-Sheet Metal


-Base Part                 jpg        edrawing

-Top Part                  jpg        edrawing

-Assembly               jpg        edrawing


Assignment 7-Solidworks Drawings


-Cylinder Base                jpg        edrawing

-Rotating Plate                jpg        edrawing

-Assembly                       jpg        edrawing

-Base Drawing                edrawing

-Plate Drawing               edrawing

-Assembly Drawing       edrawing


Assignment 8-Special Views and Sculpted Forms


-Pylon                             jpg        edrawing

-Pylon Drawing             edrawing

-Pylon Drawing 2           edrawing


Mid-Term Project-Wheel Barrow


-Wheel Barrow Concept             jpg

-Bucket                                          jpg        edrawing

-Bumper                                        jpg        edrawing

-Handle                                         jpg        edrawing

-Leg                                               jpg        edrawing

-Assembly                                     jpg        edrawing

-Bucket Drawing                         edrawing

-Bumper Drawing                        edrawing

-Handle Drawing                        edrawing

-Leg Drawing                              edrawing

-Assembly Drawing                    edrawing

-Manufacturing List                    edrawing


Assignment 9-Electronic Notebook

-Electronic Notebook                  Web



Assignment 10- COSMOS Works

-Standard Block                           jpg

-Block With Stress                        jpg

-Edited Stress Block                     jpg

-Stress Block Fine Mesh              jpg

-Edited Block Fine Mesh             jpg

-Comparison Web Page              Web


Assignment 11- Screws and Position Tolerances

-Top Block                                    jpg        edrawing

-Base Block 1                                jpg        edrawing

-Base Block 2                                jpg        edrawing

-Assembly 1                                  jpg        edrawing

-Assembly 2                                  jpg        edrawing

-Top Block Drawing                    jpg       

-Base Block 1 Drawing                jpg       

Assignment 12- AutoCAD Documentation

-Model Drawing                          jpg

-Working Drawing                      jpg


Challenge 1

-Base Block                                   jpg        edrawing          

-Post                                              jpg        edrawing

-Leg                                               jpg        edrawing

-Bowl                                             jpg        edrawing

-Post Drawing                              jpg       

-Bowl Drawing                            jpg       


Challenge 2

-Base                                              jpg        edrawing

-Clevis Bracket                             jpg        edrawing

-Handle                                         jpg        edrawing

-Base Drawing                             jpg       

-Clevis Bracket Drawing             jpg       

-Handle Drawing                        jpg       


Final Project- Wheel Barrow

-Bucket                                          jpg        edrawing

-Screen                                          jpg        edrawing

-Leg                                               jpg        edrawing

-Hinge Block                                jpg        edrawing

-Handle                                         jpg        edrawing

-Bumper                                        jpg        edrawing

-Wheel Barrow                             jpg        edrawing          

-Bucket Drawing                         jpg       

-Screen Drawing                          jpg

-Leg Drawing                               jpg

-Hinge Block Drawing                jpg

-Handle Drawing                        jpg

-Bumper Drawing                       jpg

-Assembly Drawing                    jpg        jpg