Tony Louie


Manufacturing Plan for Wheel Barrow

Plans for Each Part


The bucket will first be formed from sheet steel. Holes will be spot faced, center drilled and drilled on a universal milling machine.


The the wooden handles will be sawed and turned.

U base legs

The sheet metal legs will be bent to shape.

U base Bumper

The sheet metal bumper be bent to shape.


All holes will be spot faced and center drilled on a universal milling machine during the assembly process.

Presumed Process Capabilities


Min Tolerances

Geometric Restrictions

Sheet Metal Pressing

         +/- .01 in. over 34 in. side to side

         +/-.01 in. over 38 in. end to end


         +/- .001 in. over 57 in. for length of handles

         No sharp inside corners

         No small detail in narrow deep locations


         +/- .01 in. for diameter of handles


Flat Stock Bending


         +/-.05 mm on features



         +/- .001 in. size, shape, alignment

         Holes only

         Holes will be center drilled in the assembly